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watch former classmates embrace, kiss, and group together for prolonged chatting. Nobody wanted to part ways even
after hours of storytelling about their lives, family, children, etc.

I, like all the rest of my high school batch, am looking forward to our Grand Reunion, where we’ll have the opportunity
to thank our former teachers for helping shape us as young individuals with dreams, most of whom worked so hard to
accomplish whatever we enjoy today. It will also be an opportunity to see long-lost old friends who went abroad to
seek greener pastures and succeeded in reaching their dreams. In like manner, it will be an opportunity to reach out
to batchmates who never left our town and didn’t have the chance to go to college or pursue a career; or those whose
health are failing and need help. Batch ’68 looks at making a difference in the lives of those batchmates who are in
need, as well as of young students whose education is in peril because of poverty.

Meanwhile, let me share with you some of our photos that captured the memorable Christmas Party get-together of
our high school batch.
As our high school batch nears our Grand Reunion this coming February 2018, our get-
togethers have become more often and more well-attended. This year, we started having
monthly meetings, personalized visits to homes of former high school batchmates, and a
more aggressive promotion of our meetings and Grand Reunion. Last December 16, we
held our Christmas get-together at the town mayor’s covered court in Barangay Calios, Santa
Cruz, Laguna, and we were all extremely glad to take note of more than one hundred
attendees, many of whom bringing food to share and raffle prizes ranging from kitchen wares
to small and medium-sized appliances. Christmas season is truly the season for giving, and
doing so gives one that special feeling of being in the spirit of this most important and
happiest month in the Christian world.

The games for the seniors were fun games, bringing endless laughter to all, as losers
provided comic relief amid strong competition. Even the group singing of locally composed
contemporary tunes with lyrics that speak of greying hair and eternal love became more
meaningful to everyone that dared to share their voices, regardless of whether or not they
were in tune. The greetings, the hugs and endless chatting were surely a visible showing of
what’s going to happen during our Golden Jubilee. One thing certain though, was the fact that
each person looked for former classmates company. It was undeniably a wonderful sight to