Endorsing Peng Her for the Position of Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor

When I heard the good news that Peng Her is seeking to be Democratic Party's candidate for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor, happiness and pride suddenly occupied my whole being, and I had to stop anything I was doing at that moment, just to look back at those precious times I spent in Madison when I was introduced to Peng and later, how our acquaintance grew into friendship with mutual respect and admiration.

Peng -- and his wife -- used to own Taste of Asia Restaurant along East Washington Ave. where I held the launching of my magazine, Asian Wisconzine, in the latter part of 2004.

I found Peng as a very intelligent man, whose socio-political ideas could force one to collect his/her deeply-thought knowledge in local and national spheres in a breeze. His experience in Laos during the Vietnam war was unique, providing him that strength of character and resolve that not everybody was fortunate to get in life. Being a Hmong -- and like any other refugees or immigrants from countries other than Europe -- Peng must have had lots of challenges adjusting to American life. But Peng overcame all those challenges and more.

I’d say that Peng’s success in life is partly attributed to his determination and hard work, as well as his very pleasant personality that mirrors the window of his soul. Beware of his smile he captivates his audience with it, together with his great communication skills.

Peng has a Physics degree earned here in the U.S., so I presumed then (when he managed Taste of Asia) that he'd rather be an entrepreneur himself than having a boss with less brains. Peng gradually but surely emerged as a strong leader, not only in the Hmong community, but also in the greater Asian American community. Years later, Peng became CEO of the Hmong Institute in Madison which provides education and outreach to improve communities of color. He also serves on Gov. Tony Evers' early childhood and homelessness task force.

I am personally endorsing Peng Her, to be the next Wisconsin's lieutenant governor. If he wins, Peng would become the first Hmong office-holder in our state. I firmly believe that he would contribute big time to our state government because Peng would bring great ideas and push for reforms that would help create better state policies and programs to benefit all Wisconsinites and include diverse communities in the state’s development equation.

I call on all my friends and acquaintances in Madison and Dane County: Let us support Peng Her in his bid to land the position of Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor!!!!!