Heidi M. Pascual
Publisher & Editor
2006 Journalist of the year
for the State of Wisconsin
Looking back while moving on
by Heidi M. Pascual
Over a Cup of Tea
leave, with the exception of Paul Kusuda, my foster father in Madison, and community activist to the core. Also, an educator, book author and
blogger based in Chicago, Jian Ping, helped me fill up the void by sending columns. Nowadays, I have to content myself by reprinting relevant
columns, issue briefs, and articles from the Center for American Progress, a non-political think tank in Washington, D.C. that really informs
Americans in general about a lot of our concerns especially on immigration, race and ethnicity, health care, government,  education, gun control,
justice, and foreign policy and security. I thank Jon Gramling, my best friend who’s The Capital City Hues’ editor and publisher, for providing most
of my local coverage about Asians and people of color in Madison. Doing The Hues’ website allowed me to be connected to the local issues and
people of color whose interests and concerns are similar to Asians like me.

In my reminiscing the past, I thought of sharing with you
some photos I took (or submitted to me) and published during the early years of Asian
Wisconzine. Please remember that these memorable photos were taken with a very happy heart and accompanying stories that were written with
an inspiration. I hope you will continue to consider Asian Wisconzine as an important publication that made a difference – no matter how small --
in the lives of many of us in the Asian American community. My life was completely changed while I was doing my magazine in Madison. I was
truly inspired by its readers and a few advertisers who supported its growth and vision. I was inspired, too, by many friends that included
members of the Wisconsin Women of Color Network, Inc., the Wisconsin Organization of Asian Americans, the PAMANA, and the Filipino
American Association of Wisconsin based in Milwaukee. I pray for their continued good work, activism, social responsibility, and happy gatherings.

This is Asian Wisconzine’s 15th year –2019 – and I wish to issue a call to my Madison & Milwaukee  friends. Please consider sending articles
and columns to help provide local information materials to our communities. AWiz is alive and will continue to do so, with your help.

Salamat sa lahat!!!!!
Asian Wisconzine was launched in 2004 and published its first issue on January 2005. Looking back, I remember
the supporters who celebrated with me that special day. They truly believed in my vision, that Asian Wisconzine will
provide a platform for Asian voices in Wisconsin. It was like giving birth to a child, surrounded by people who cared
for the Asian community in Madison, with lots of hope that the child will grow to fulfil its mission on earth.  Indeed,
my vision was a dream, and for a few years, I thought the child is growing slowly but surely on the path towards its
mission. Its writers then were excited to express a lot of ideas and feelings through their columns.

But just as our community began to experience the hard times during the recession that started in 2008, I was
forced to stop printing in 2010. But I thank God profusely for He directed me to learn web designing and online
publishing the same year I had planned my magazine’s launching.  Asian Wisconzine is still alive online to this day,
though on a limited coverage. Since I went back to the Philippines that year, local writers  and columnists started to
Asian Wisconzine's photos of yesteryears