A high school Grand Reunion
Together Again after 50 years
By Heidi M. Pascual

How do I describe my feelings upon seeing, hugging, and kissing my former high
school classmates who were out of sight after 50 years? Undescribable!

Class ’68 of Pedro Guevara Memorial High School held our Golden Jubilee
February 17-18 at the Cultural Center of Laguna, but our section, College
Preparatory Section 1, held our exclusive gathering on February 16th with our
class adviser/teacher, Mrs. Maura Britania, now 91 years old, at the home of our
outstanding classmate, former Ambassador to Switzerland, Cecilia Baltazar-

I would aptly describe the whole event as one of my top happiest events in my life!
Bonding with old friends I haven’t seen in years, sharing experiences in high
school and the years after that, enjoying three full days of friendship and
camaderie, were more than enough to make me cry for joy and gratitude to God. At
66, I am truly thankful I am still here, still relatively in good health, able to walk
straight, talk sense, and dance to a night of music. Tons of food, raffle prizes,
musical performances, and games made our gathering extra attractive, too!

While we all enjoyed the event, we also prayed for the souls of classmates who
Top: 235 Classmates and 15 teachers attended our Golden
Jubilee at the Cultural Center of Laguna on Feb. 17-18,
Above: With one of my best friends, Yoli Samson
are already in heaven, particularly those very close to many of us. We also missed the presence of many who were unable to come, especially the
sick and those from very faraway places. But with more than 230 attendees and 15 former teachers, the Grand Reunion of PGMHS Class ’68 was
truly a blast!