Stemming the Tide of Hate
Countering Negativity
From The Capital City Hues
How do we stem the tide of hatred in our national political discourse?  I can only really answer for myself — and perhaps this can help others —
but we all need to find our own way in countering negativity.  I believe in hope and I believe in positive action to counter negativity.  I also believe in
self-awareness and self evaluation on the impact that negativity can have on me.  

I pace watching the news and still remain informed and I am aware if anger or despair become overwhelming.  In my work with clients impacted
by trauma, I learn a great deal about resilience, trust, having a positive world view, despite their traumatic history.  Whether it is bullying in the
playground or bullying among groups or countries, we have to remember to define who we are and not let others define us or become like the
bullies.  It isn't easy.  

Because of my work I am more aware of the actual impact that separating children from their families has that can damage a child for a lifetime.  
However, creating positive experiences and celebrating good deeds and supporting all children needs to be increased a hundred fold to counter
the negative. There are too many great things happening in the world due to leaders who take a stand out of integrity and kindness.  We need
positive unity to support one another for the common good.  Changes can happen that end up a win-win VS power and control over others.  It
always astounds me even on the playground, in the workplace, in the community and in countries, that in order to feel better, stronger than others
one has to destroy another.  Associating oneself with positive, healthy people and activities are an essential balance.  Being present, mindful and
experiencing joy and beauty helps to restore and rally us to continue to do what is right.