OCA opposes Anti-Immigrant Bill
Rep. Goodlatte recently introduced the anti-immigrant bill, H.R. 4760, Securing America’s Future Act. This legislation would
end our family-based immigration system by stripping the ability of U.S. citizens to sponsor their adult children, parents, and
siblings. It would also take away the ability of lawful permanent residents to sponsor their adult unmarried children, cutting
off family members who have been waiting for years and decades to reunite with their loved ones.

H.R. 4760 would also massively ramp up deportations by further militarizing the border, increasing the criminalization of
immigrants, attacking sanctuary cities, and stripping due process protections. The bill would also strip discretion from
adjudicators and due process protections for visa applicants and asylum-seekers.

House Republican leadership has been trying for weeks to convince a majority of Members of Congress to vote for Rep.
Goodlatte’s anti-immigrant bill. Fortunately, the bill has not yet received enough support to pass the House, but leadership
continues to try to gather support for the measure. Use this link to call your Member of Congress and urge them to vote no
on this harmful bill that would transform the future of our country.

Securing America's Future Act does not secure the protection of immigrants and their families, and threatens our safety and
economy #NoFamilyBan #DefundHate #CleanDREAMAct #StopGoodlatte Click the link to dial Congress + get a speaking

#StopGoodlatte from keeping families separated. 1.6 million Asian family members are waiting to be reunited with their
loved ones in the U.S. #NoFamilyBan #ValueOurFamilies #DefundHate Click the link to dial Congress + get a speaking
script! https://goo.gl/TYSh56

Over 100,000 AAPI Dreamers live in fear of deportation. Congress must pass a #CleanDREAMAct now. Click the link below
to dial your member and tell them to oppose HR 4760. #StopGoodlatte #NoFamilyBan #ValueOurFamilies https://goo.

The AAPI community relies on the family immigration and diversity visa programs to unite their families in America.
#StopGoodlatte from cutting these programs and funding more terrorizing enforcements. Click the link to get a script + dial
Congress https://goo.gl/TYSh56