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Women’s Bureau Centennial Talking Points 1920-2020
• For 100 years, the Women’s Bureau has served as a trusted source for research, data and statistics, advocacy, and innovation for
working women and the issues they care about most.
• To this day, the Women’s Bureau remains the only federal agency tasked with representing the needs of working women in the public
policy process.
• As the Women’s Bureau celebrates its centennial year, we recognize the work the Women’s Bureau has done to help advance women
in the workforce and anticipate a similar record of accomplishment in addressing current and future areas of need.
• Women now have fully 50% of all non-farm payroll jobs in the U.S. (Data as of January 10, 2020).1
• The total number of women 16 and older in the labor force has risen almost tenfold, from about 8 million in 1920 to more than 78
million today.
• Today, about three-fourths (77%) of prime-working age women (25-54) are in the labor force compared with about 21% when the
Women’s Bureau first opened its doors in 1920.
• During 2019, the adult women’s unemployment rate was the lowest since 1953 and remains near historic lows at 3.2%.
• Mothers are now equal, primary or sole earners in 40% of all U.S. households with children under the age of 18. In comparison, this
figure was just 11% in 1960.
• This centennial is not only a significant milestone for the Women’s Bureau, but it is also noteworthy for all working women across the
country. It honors the progress that women have made in the labor force while acknowledging and paving the road for the progress yet to
• To commemorate this historic moment in time, the Women’s Bureau launched its centennial year with a digital rollout that included the
Centennial logo with the theme “Our Purpose. Your Work.”, the Women’s Bureau 100 website, a video from the Women’s Bureau
Director, and the “Our Purpose, Your Work.” interactive initiative featuring testimonials from America’s working women.
• The “Our Purpose. Your Work.” initiative presents women of all ages with the opportunity to share their work stories, touch on the future
aspirations of young women entering the workforce, and talk about how the Women’s Bureau has helped advance their purpose. • In the
spirit of this collective achievement, the Women’s Bureau is asking you to participate directly in the “Our Purpose. Your Work.” initiative.
We want to hear your story:
• Throughout the year, the Women’s Bureau will be collecting and sharing stories to learn how its purpose has impacted your life, your
work, and your family.
• To participate in the initiative or learn more about the Women’s Bureau Centennial, visit the Women’s Bureau 100 website https://www.
dol.gov/wb100. Don’t forget to follow our stories on social media using the #WB100 hashtag.
• As we reflect on the past, highlight the present, and pave the path forward for the next 100 years, the Women’s Bureau remains
committed and focused on our mission—representing the needs of America’s working women.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Women's Bureau is continuously evaluating
ways to help American women enter and grow within the workforce. Today,
we find ourselves presented with a moment of significant opportunity for all
American workers. This is especially true for women, who are experiencing
the lowest unemployment rate in 67 years. The nation would not be
experiencing the successes of today without women’s participation in our
economy. To maintain this path of success, the Women’s Bureau continues
working to grow and expand opportunities for women.

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