Update: March 2021
We’re changing our MCM at Home schedule to one new episode per week to allow staff more time to prepare to safely welcome you
back when the museum reopens this summer.

You can still access ALL of our prior MCM at Home programs online via the MCM at Home playlists on Facebook or YouTube and on our
blog, and we may add in “bonus” content as we’re able. Many thanks to all of our members and fans for your enthusiastic support of
MCM at Home.

While the museum building is closed, Madison Children’s Museum remains dedicated to our mission of connecting children with their
families, their communities, and the world beyond through discovery learning and creative play. In this spirit, our education and
communications team are developing free, online resources through our social media channels to support both you as caregivers and
your children. 

Online Programs with our Education Team
We’re continuing four of our most popular in-museum programs online through videos on Facebook and YouTube and articles on our
Brain Builders with Heather videos or blog posts featuring activities designed for the developmental needs of pre-schoolers
Music with Junebug videos featuring interactive songs, activities, dances, and Japanese language storybook readings for babies, pre-
schoolers, and early elementary school children
Mess Monsters with Laurie videos featuring art projects that inspire creativity while building critical developmental skills of pre-school
and elementary school-aged children
Exploration Stations with Cheryl videos featuring science, nature, and STEM learning activities for pre-school and elementary school-
aged children
Watch MCM at Home on YouTube or Facebook video

How to Support MCM
Madison Children’s Museum is a privately funded nonprofit organization. The museum does not receive direct funding from the City of
Madison or the State of Wisconsin; rather, we rely on both the generosity of our community and revenue from daily visitors to
operate. Your generosity is deeply appreciated, and we will “play it forward” to the children of Madison and Dane County.

Share our content on social media
Sharing our MCM at home videos and links is a great way to not only support other parents and caregivers with free resources they can
use, it helps build our community of museum supporters. We know that finances are difficult for many families in our community. If you
want to support the museum but don’t have financial means to do so, please like and share our content on Facebook, Instagram,
and YouTube.

Purchase tickets to the museum for your family and friends
When you buy tickets online you can use them any day that the museum is open and they never expire. As a bonus for visitors making an
investment in the museum by buying while we’re closed when the museum opens we will mail you one guest pass for every order of two
or more tickets you place during the closure. You can use these passes for extra visits for your family, or give them to friends.