APIAVote Intern Spotlight:
Clifford Jiang
Learning about the 2018 midterm elections, researching through AAPI data--all these little things have made me realize that [our
community] can do more. In the past, Asian Americans have had lower voter turnout and voter registration. That's something that needs
to be changed, especially for this next election.

What are some cool things you've experienced here, as an intern?
CJ: My favorite thing so far was going to the press conference on HR-4 and seeing Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Judy Chu
walk right by me. That was so cool! Going to a Congressional Hearing on HR-1 was also very cool. Exploring DC is also really unique.

Why is it important to amplify AAPI voices?
CJ: It's definitely important to amplify the AAPI voice. There were a lot of close elections in the 2018 Midterm elections. Some candidates
won by a couple hundred votes. That seems small but, considering each election, that's sometimes a very big difference. If someone
doesn't have the resources or access to the kind of knowledge you would need to vote, that could make a difference in an election.

What do you do for fun?
CJ: You can probably find me at the gym. Or, just having a nice meal in or out with friends which is always a great time. Basketball! I love
watching the Lakers. I also love watching TV. My life would be lost without Netflix.

Note: Q&A has been edited and condensed for space and clarity.
Clifford Jiang
(Photo Credit: Julie Wu)
From APIAVote

Ever wonder what it's like to intern with us? Meet Clifford, a Junior at the University
of California at Irvine! He is here in DC with the University of California Washington
Center (UCDC) as our intern for the Winter quarter. Hear what he has to say about
his time with us:

What made you want to work with APIAVote?
: Before coming to DC, I wasn't very invested in the political realm. Once I came
to DC, I found myself surrounded by a lot of people talking about politics and after
listening to my friends and the people around me talk more about it, I got invested
in learning more about what's going on in our government. After talking to my
counselor about what would be a good fit for me, she told me about APIAVote,
their mission, and that they were looking for interns. I thought the organization
would have a lot to offer and teach me, seeing as I wanted to expand my
knowledge of Asian American advocacy work.

What have you learned so far?
I've learned about how important AAPI and minority representation is. After
coming here [to DC], I realized that the Asian American community isn't as
involved in what is going on in government. I wanted people to know that their vote
matters and their count matters. I've learned a lot about AAPIs in general.