The 'state' of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in
The 2018 State Fact Sheets, jointly released by APIAVote and AAPI Data, provide a snapshot profile
of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and forecast their rising electoral power.
In nearly every state featured in the 2018 State Fact Sheet project, the population growth rate of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) climbed
between 2010 and 2016. AAPIs increasingly made up a larger share of the electorate within these six years, leading to record turnout in the last two
presidential election cycles.

“The fact sheets provide a roadmap to unlocking AAPI political power in these states. They highlight the obvious potential for increased voter registration,
engagement and turnout. That’s why APIAVote and our partners are focused on adding new voters to the rolls and turning infrequent voters into regular
voters,” said Christine Chen, Executive Director of APIAVote.

The fact sheets report detailed data on AAPIs, which are provided by the U.S. Census Bureau’s ACS 5-year Estimates.

“In every state across the country, fast-growing Asian American and Pacific Islander communities continue to increase our electoral strength, including in
battleground states such as Nevada, Virginia, and Florida," said Karthick Ramakrishnan, Director of AAPI Data.

"The state fact sheets are a critical resource into better understanding this growth within specific states. We hope that AAPI communities can use these
fact sheets to deepen engagement and increase civic participation across the nation,” Ramakrishnan continued.