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Editor's Corner/Over a Cup of Tea
                                                 Graduation Reflections
I have always had happy feelings and lots of excitement whenever I attend graduation ceremonies. But this
one really made me happier than usual, with a bit of worry though.

Recently, I attended the high school graduation of one of my beloved grandchildren, Kyle Frederick, in
Quezon City, Metro Manila, and like his parents, I was equally proud to see him graduate. It was a long 18
years of waiting, I am sure, because Kyle is not the typical child in the clan who receives several distinction
Heidi M. Pascual
Publisher & Editor
2006 Journalist of the year
for the State of Wisconsin
Beyond Tuition
An Introduction & Summary
By the CAP Postsecondary
Education Team
Reclaiming Religious

By Emily London and Maggie Siddiqi
Last January, the most
religiously diverse U.S.
Congress in our nation’s
history was sworn into office.
Congress Must Reauthorize,
Expand, and Improve VAWA
in 2019

By Lea Hunter
Twenty-five years ago,
Congress passed the Violent
Crime Control and Law
Wisconsin Students Deserve Fairness
A more beautiful world with music
by Heidi M. Pascual
Heather DuBois Bourenane, Executive Director of the Wisconsin
Public Education Network, issued the following statement on May 9:

Today, the Wisconsin legislature’s Joint Finance Committee is poised
to remove a long list of both fiscal and non-fiscal items from the
governor’s budget proposal. The committee will begin the process of
cobbling together its own budget, using the 2017-19 budget as a base
rather than the proposal on the table.. --
and awards at events like this. Kyle never took education seriously until his last year in high school. A 6-footer young man at 18, Kyle
preferred -- and still prefers -- to excel in the basketball court most times. Aside from his gadgetry and computer games, my grandson
loves good food and restful hours in the salon taking care of his physical assets. (His graduation photo proves my point.) I am just glad and
thankful that his parents can afford this boy’s life choices. For his college education, he has been accepted at the Far Eastern University
(FEU), and I heard he’ll take up culinary arts and engage himself in basketball as a student aiming to participate in the popular sports game
to represent FEU at University Athletic Association of the Philippines’ (UAAP) competitions.
(L-R) Kyle's graduation photo; Kyle poses with his parents; with his grandma
I salute Kyle’s  mom and dad for everything they
had done to keep this boy in school. Kyle’s mom
(my daughter Sherry), despite her very busy
work schedule, consistently looked after her son’
s school work and performance, and had
constant conversations with his teachers
whenever Kyle’s grades seemed to reach
“unacceptable” levels. I know that Kyle spent a
number of extra summer classes in order to pass
some major subjects, and it always cost more
money in a private school.  Indeed, Kyle’s tuition
What is in music that enhances
your view of life? For music lovers
like me, music has that magical
effect in the innermost part of
being that makes one feel  that life
is a blessing and that love can truly
be expressed through it. I can think
of nothing that beats music as a
form of relaxation and at the same
time a powerful force that can
make you either happy or sad,
depending on the depth of your
senses’ involvement.
My youngest grandson is
learning how to play the
in high school was as high as college tuition costs in Metro Manila’s private colleges! Kyle must think about his parents’ sacrifices to give
him all that he needed in order to graduate.
Reflecting on Kyle’s graduation and his parents’ pampering, though, I thought about many other students who work so hard just to get an
education worthy of a good job.  Many are not that blessed in terms of having parents providing for all their needs, but I am sure of one
thing—these students would be very capable to face the real challenges of the world after school. I know of a lot of students who never
experienced being spoon-fed in their lives, but who have succeeded in their careers and many of them have become leaders of our country.
More than 50 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson took the stage
at what was then known as Southwest Texas State College to sign
the first Higher Education Act. “To thousands of young men and
women, this act means the path of knowledge is open to all that
have the determination to walk it,” Johnson declared. “It means
that a high school senior anywhere in this great land of ours can
apply to any college or any university in any of the 50 states and
not be turned away because his family is poor.”--
Enforcement Act of 1994, a landmark piece of legislation that
dramatically enlarged the criminal justice system and changed how
it responded to crime.--
Life Begins At 60: A
New View on
Motherhood, Marriage,
and Reinventing
Dr. Frieda Birnbaum
made headlines eight
years ago when she gave
birth to twin boys at the
age of sixty.--
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Reflecting on My Time
with the Sunshine Arts
and Culture Organization
By Bonni Briggs
(Edgewood College-HIST251
Asian-American Experience)

For my COR2 Community
Service Learning Project this
semester, I spent roughly
twenty hours interacting with
and getting to know the
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