Gun freedom uncontrollable
Over a Cup of Tea
Heidi M. Pascual
Publisher & Editor
2006 Journalist of the year
for the State of Wisconsin
those murders were committed with a gun.”

Additionally, the same article emphasized that gun violence
surpassed motor vehicle accidents as a leading killer of young
people in the United States and was second only to drug overdose;
and that young people are also overrepresented in another category
of gun deaths: fatal shootings by police. While reasons for the latter
may be claimed to be under “peace and order” situations, still gun-
related deaths in the homefront require deeper analysis of root
cause/s and independent probes of police actions because many
deaths involve people and/or youth of color. Our criminal justice
system often holds that fatal shootings are justified as “lawful use of
force.” But many times, voices in communities of color have some
opposing views.

The mass shootings in our schools, churches, malls, and
elsewhere, killing innocent citizens, young and old, are definitely not
“peace and order” situations in our communities. Guns are used by
deranged people regardless of whether they hate others not like
them; or they are suffering from deep depression; or they are out for
revenge; or simply too drugged and out of their minds. Our gun
lovers must admit that guns have become weapons of mass
destruction in our communities; hence the need to remove them
from the hands of private citizens. Guns should only be for our law
enforcement agencies and the military, plus civilian security
agencies whose folks can hire if they really need protection and
security. Guns must never be left around that kids could easily take
their hands on them. They must always be kept safely and securely
by law enforcers…only!

Gun violence can only be prevented if only those licensed to carry
them are officers of the law tasked to protect the citizenry.
Additionally, these officers of the law must always have a camera on
their bodies to show that guns are only used as a final resort in
defense of their own lives.

There should be help.

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individuals who are
disabled from work.


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Let’s face it. The United States is a country of weapons. We hate weapons of mass destruction, yet we have the
freedom to own smaller versions of them. Why is that?

I know that guns used to be mass produced as the means to conquer, to rule the world, to win wars, to boost our
dwindling economy, to “protect lives and property,” and in peace times, to kill game as a form of recreation. Wars
have continued beyond our shores for different reasons, and America has actively been involved not only with our
superior weaponry but with lives of our military men and women willing to “defend” what our country has always
stood for. The US of A is like a “law enforcer” of the world, though following only the law originating from our books.
I am an American by choice, so there’s no question I prefer our view of governance and law that defines our
freedoms versus nations that do and believe differently.

But in recent decades, in the domestic front, guns have become weapons to sow fear and terror in our
communities. Mass shootings in schools and many other public places have become too many to ignore and
regard as isolated cases stemming from hate or mental health problems. The truth is, because real war action against the USA mainland hasn’t
happened since the start of World War II, weapons produced have to be sold not only to friendly nations at war with others, but also at home, for
reasons of personal protection and safety, community peace and order in general, as well as for enjoyment of game hunters and “others.”

Companies manufacturing weapons have to continue to “serve the country” for various reasons, though primarily to continue amassing wealth
and “provide jobs” for thousands of people. They are so wealthy and influential that they actually hold some power in D.C. and many local
governments, especially where they operate their firms. They contribute big time to campaign funds of friendly politicians, as we all know.

Personally, I am in favor of the USA being the greatest country in the world, in the military sense, but only to keep peace; but I am not in favor of the
country topping the charts for gun-toting citizens who kill their own countrymen senselessly.

Violence in the home front, threatening our families instead of protecting them, is never right and must be addressed with extraordinary focus and
political will. According to an article posted in the Center for American Progress titled American Youth Under Fire (May 2018, by Chelsea Parsons,
et al), “Research has shown that the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicides against women by 500
percent. Young women in abusive relationships face a substantial risk by partners or family members with access to guns. From 2006 to 2015, 36
percent of murders of young women between the ages of 15 and 29 were committed by an intimate partner or family member, and 54 percent of