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Heidi M. Pascual
Publisher & Editor
2006 Journalist of the year
for the State of Wisconsin
Editor's Corner:
My youngest sister Nancy is an all-American girl.
After more than four decades of living in the United
States, she has loved everything about this country
which she considers her home.  For many years –
and she has admitted this to me – she purposely
shut her mind about things and people from her
original country, the Philippines, so she could focus
well on her career and personal goals. To date, she
could hardly speak our native tongue, Tagalog. She
is more conversant in French, actually, because she
also loves France, its culture, and its architecture.

She worked hard to earn her degrees: BS Bio from
De Paul University in Chicago; Master of Science in
Geology from UW-Madison in Wisconsin; and
Master in Business Administration from Rice
University in Houston, Texas. --
Giving back to the community you came from
My sister Nancy (Center) distributing bags to indigent school children of Barangay
Palasan Elementary School in Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines last August 28.
Getty/Paul Marotta--Students attend
Harvard University's 2018 367th
Commencement at the university in
Cambridge, Massachusetts, on May 24,

Revival and
Immigrants in Rural
By Silva Mathema,
Nicole Prchal
Svajlenka, and
Anneliese Hermann
Getty/Derek Davis/Portland Press Herald
Quang Nguyen, a Vietnamese immigrant and business
owner, stands in front of his store, Le Variety, in
Portland, Maine, June 2017.
Foreign Policy & Security

Securing a Democratic World
The Case for a Democratic
Values-Based U.S. Foreign
By Kelly Magsamen, Max
Bergmann, Michael Fuchs, and
Trevor Sutton
Getty/Ludovic Marin --A general
view of the NATO official tribune is
pictured, July 2018.
Foreign Policy & Security

North Korea Diplomacy Scorecard
By Michael Fuchs, Abigail Bard, and Mathew Brady
Health Care

How States Are
Combating Federal
ACA Sabotage
By Aditya
Krishnaswamy, Rhonda
Rogombe, and Madeline
Getty/Joe Raedle -- Protesters gather in
front of the office of Rep. Carlos
Curbelo (R-FL) to ask him to explain
his vote on the Affordable Care Act,
Miami, Florida, August 2017.
Paul Kusuda's Column (Repost)

Column of October 2009
Life in L.A., 1930s-The Great
By Jonathan