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tasked to enforce immigration laws and “investigate criminal and terrorist activity of foreign nationals residing in the United States.”
Basically, ICE agents look for foreigners and foreign-looking people in the United States who are presumably undocumented or criminals or
terrorists.  Racial profiling has become a common means to identify them. Hence, regardless of where you are -- in a traffic stop, at work,
in school, or at home – ICE agents can arrest you and you cannot do anything about it.

Under the Trump Administration, ICE seems to have become more powerful and answerable to no one but Trump, who of course has
repeatedly shown disgust over people who do not look like him or share his views. Even local governments are helpless because they are
not usually informed of ICE’s operations beforehand.

I read the HUES story on the ICE raid in Madison, written by my good friend, Jon Gramling, and I truly felt sorry for many of our Latino
community members. I learned that 20 people were picked up and detained by ICE during those raids, and they were all breadwinners with
no criminal records. As a result of the ICE raids, many establishments such as restaurants were closed, because their workers, including
their chefs, were afraid that ICE would get them! In schools, many Latino kids were absent from their classes, because their parents were
scared they would be snatched away from them by ICE!

I am sure that similar raids are happening all over the country, as the Trump Administration is focused on getting rid of “illegal immigrants”
and “foreign terrorists.” Such labelling has caused this unprecedented fear among our immigrants, mostly people of color from Hispanic,
Asian, and African countries. I now understand many of my African friends why they keep a low profile so as not to highlight their being  
agree with me, I salute them, just like the so-called “undocumenteds” who help keep this country’s economy booming. --
Editor's Corner/Over a Cup of Tea

                                                         Heart as cold as Ice

The immigrant communities are in fear of a group of federal agents called ICE (Immigration and Customs
Enforcement). ICE agents have the power to grab you, separate you from your family, detain you for
indefinite period, and deport you anytime.  Created under Homeland Security after the 9-11 attacks, ICE is
Heidi M. Pascual
Publisher & Editor
2006 Journalist of the year
for the State of Wisconsin
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