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Paul Kusuda: The father I never had
By Heidi M. Pascual
We simply got together often through email.  He was always happy to see photos of my vegetable and ornamental
garden. We would talk about each other’s health issues. His last email in October talked about his having difficulty
breathing and the need to regularly use oxygen. Yet he was more concerned about my asthma rather than his ailment!
Paul Kusuda, Asian Wisconzine's columnist since 2005, passed away on Nov. 10, 2017. I
have been devastated by his passing, unlike any other feeling I have so far experienced.

Paul Kusuda, to me, was more than Asian Wisconzine Magazine’s faithful columnist, who
had written very insightful and informative articles every month since January 2005. Paul was
more than the Madison community activist who was vocal about important issues affecting
all, the elderly, people of color, working people, and the marginalized. Paul was more than
the government employee whose social work background helped a lot of people stand on
their feet way beyond his retirement years. Paul was the father I never had. He made me feel I
was always doing something very important and necessary for Asian Americans in
Wisconsin. He was the one who kept pushing me to continue my work even after I left
Madison for the Philippines. He told me I was the only one who’s doing what I did when I
started Asian Wisconzine Magazine. In return, Paul tried to learn how to use the computer at
his advanced age, so we could he could send me his we
could simply say hello to each other anytime. He had a hard time each time his articles won’t
attach to his email, and would exert lots of effort following computer technicians’ instructions. He would never stop
until he reached me!

Paul IS, and will always be, my FATHER and constant SUPPORTER in Madison. He IS my most admired and
respected person in my whole stay in Madison, Wisconsin!
Paul Kusuda and Heidi Pascual together in 2014,
Madison, Wisconsin.
I went back to the Philippines years ago when the great
recession hit and forced me to stop printing my magazine.
Asian Wisconzine has been exclusively online since then,
and Paul was a major force that has kept  it alive. Not only
that, Paul supported my personal goals in life. He was
always there for me when I needed help construct my
little home in a remote barrio so I could be in a peaceful
place, conducive to thinking and writing. I called it CASA
KUSUDA to let him know how grateful I am to him and his
loving wife, Atsuko, who I consider my MOM, as well. He
turned down my invitation to him and Atsuko to visit me in
the Philippines because he said he could no longer travel
that long distance.
At this point in my life, I lost my father, and I can
say without any doubt, that Wisconsin, Dane
County and Madison lost one of the most
respected community activists for many
decades. My deepest mourning now hurts my
heart in ways some might not understand. I am
only consoled by the fact that this great man lived
a life that contributed big time to make Madison
area the best place it could be.

I am sure Paul is in a much better place. The
Lord loves this great man.
Author with Paul & Atsuko Kusuda and family (2013)
(L-R) Atsuko Kusuda and Heidi Pascual
(L-R) Paul Kusuda and Jon Gramling,
publisher & editor of The Capital City Hues