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influenced my decision to take up mass communication courses  and earn a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of the
Philippines years later. It was my writing and editing skills that helped me build my career, starting as staff writer to editor and publications
division to deputy director in the Philippine Congress’ House of Representatives-Plenary Affairs Bureau. It was the same set of skills that
helped me start a career in the U.S.

Upon my return to the Philippines to spend my early retirement years with my family, I was naturally drawn back to my hometown where I
found a number of former high school classmates already retired but busy getting together often and planning for our Golden Jubilee reunion
this year. In between these planning sessions were get-togethers for birthdays, family weddings, baptismals, fiestas, and even funerals.  I
became interested in actively participating in this working group, hoping to help while at the same time rekindling friendly relationships and
sharing fun moments with my old classmates, of course! --
Editor's Corner/Over a Cup of Tea
                                                   Down Memory Lane

In my high school days, I was the Features Editor of our school paper, The Lagunian. My reason for
joining the Journalism team was simply to practice and improve my writing, be able to express myself
better in words, and be a better “reporter” in most of my classes. I must be thankful for doing it because
the experience not only gave me a distinct advantage in competing  for academic honors but it also greatly
Heidi M. Pascual
Publisher & Editor
2006 Journalist of the year
for the State of Wisconsin
With some of my classmates
In front of our high school building
With past and present Reunion presidents
Asian-Americans Made History
on Election Day
This election, Asian-Americans made history. From Andy
Kim’s win in New Jersey to Nima Kulkarni in Kentucky,
Asian-American Democrats won seats up and down ballot.
Here are some highlights:
**Who is Andy Kim? Meet N.J.'s first Asian-American
*First Asian-American, 'Activist' Attorney General Elected
To Statewide Office In Connecticut
*2 Immigrants Become First Asian-Americans Elected To
New York State Senate--Democrat John Liu, who was born
in Taiwan, won the District 11 state Senate seat  Indian-
American attorney Kevin Thomas, who immigrated to the U.
S. when he was 10 years old, beat out Republican
incumbent Kemp Hannon for the state’s District 6 Senate
*Kentucky elects first Indian-American Nima Kulkarni as
state representative.
*Democrat Josh Kaul Is Wisconsin’s Next Attorney General  
Josh Kaul is former federal prosecutor and son of the
former Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager.  
Getty/Robert NickelsbergU.S. Customs and Border
Protection agents apprehend undocumented
immigrants in Campo, CA, March 2006.
The White House
Paul Kusuda's Column (Repost)