MEASURING OUR POWER: AAPI Communities' Impact in 2020 election

In the 2020 Presidential Election, President Joe Biden carried Georgia by fewer than 12,000 votes. According to an analysis by TargetSmart, voter turnout among Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (“AAPIs”) surged over 62,000 votes over 2016, a clearly decisive part of Georgia’s margin of victory which was fewer than 12,000 votes. Furthermore, over 1.6 million votes were cast by Black, Asian, Hispanic/Latinx, and Native American voters in 2020, comprising approximately 35% of total votes cast. When considering the margin of victory, the ballots cast by this multi-racial coalition of non-white voters surpassed the margin of victory by over a million votes.

The electorate is changing before our eyes and the communities we serve will continue to grow more powerful in the years to come. Join us on Wednesday, May 26 at 7:00 PM EST for MEASURING OUR POWER: AANHPIs’ Impact in the 2020 Election and Beyond. This Zoom webinar will provide more analysis of the recent data from the US Census, Target Smart, and Catalist from the 2020 Presidential Election.

This growth in the AAPI electorate did not happen overnight. According to Catalist, the AAPI electorate grew by 39% in 2020, for a total turnout of 62%. This growth is largely due to community organizations and their ongoing dedicated outreach and engagement over the past decade. In addition to the direct community outreach, we collectively advocated for prioritization of the inclusion of AAPI voters in the outreach and field programs for candidates as well as promoting AAPIs to run for office. In fact, the 116th Congress has the greatest number of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to date. Thanks in part to the estimated 74.65% of Asian American voters who chose to vote by mail or vote early in-person. AAPI communities responded with historic voter turnout that played a huge role in America’s democracy.