Scientists from around the world have sounded a terrifying alarm: Without immediate action, the world is set to blow by the needed pollution reduction benchmarks and lock in a future with more intense storms, deadly heat waves, and ecological collapse—now and for generations to come. People of color, those with disabilities, and low-income communities, in particular, will continue to be disproportionately burdened by the health and economic devastation caused by pollution and climate change.

But there is hope. We can still realize a pollution-free future powered by clean energy and built with union jobs, all centered on racial and economic justice. This will only be possible, however, if our leaders act now.

At the “Fight for Our Future” rally, timed with Earth Day 2022, the Center for American Progress spoke with advocates about their vision for a just, clean energy future and asked them what they are fighting for.

Selected quotes from Activists:

“I am here today because I think that with [congressional action], we are able to help the environment—and the Black and brown communities who are most affected." -- Malik Smith

"I’m here today to maybe find hope: hope for a future." -- Ryan Kirkpatrick