APIAVote Interns

With summer well on its way, we are excited and proud to have a diverse set of interns from all across the country working with us to empower and mobilize Asian American and Pacific Islander communities to vote! To introduce this cohort of amazing young leaders, we asked them what their top political issue is, what they hope to do after graduation or in their career, and what food reminds them of home:
Sal-Kit Jeremy Lee Interning through: Thai American National Internship Program Sal-Kit “Jeremy” Lee is a recent graduate of George Washington University and is passionate about data disaggregation. He believes it's important that people understand the different issues impacting different communities. He currently works for a faith-based non-profit where he helps empower Southeast Asian American college students to be leaders and world-changers. In the future, he hopes to continue to empower AAPI college students by continuing to work with organizations that serve the AAPI community. A food that reminds Sal-Kit of home is either khao man gai (Thai chicken rice), or khao kluk kapi (shrimp paste fried rice). The only issue is, it's tough to find at most Thai restaurants in the US.”
Vibha Govindarajan Interning through: APIAVote Vibha Govindarajan is a rising junior at the University of British Columbia. Her Canadian education, however, does not diminish her passion for immigration reform in the United States. She believes AAPIs going out to vote can create the reform we need for a safer, more effective system for immigration in our communities. After graduating college, she hopes to pursue a Masters in Public Health. Being away from her home in the Bay Area, Vibha is always in search for a great falooda! This Indian dessert has a special place in her heart and brings back fond memories of her trips to India.

Jashika Kaur Interning through: SikhLead
Jashika Kaur currently attends Natick High School in Natick, MA and is passionate about gun control. Although she is currently still unsure about her post-graduation plans, she does know she wants to attend college and pursue a career path that will allow her to serve others public service perhaps?
For Jashika, Maggi instant noodles are her go to comfort food. Jashika and her family have a tradition of eating it every Saturday, something she looks forward to every week.