Documenting Anti-Asian Hate Incidents via a Codebook


"We must have the courage to walk the talk, but we must also engage in the continuing dialogues that enable us to break free of old categories and create the new ideas that are necessary to address our realities, because revolutions are made not to prove the correctness of ideas but to begin anew. "- Grace Lee Boggs

Since March 2020, the Stop AAPI Hate (SAH) coalition has received over 9,000 reports of hate incidents against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). These firsthand reports offer a glimpse of the realities facing AAPI persons and communities, particularly during the pandemic. The Stop AAPI Hate data offer insights into the large-scale patterns of AAPI encounters with discrimination today, but they are only one piece of the puzzle in achieving a comprehensive understanding of the rich and diverse multitude of AAPI experiences.

The Asian American Foundation (TAAF) and the SAH coalition are collaborating to facilitate the documentation of AAPI experiences through multiple sources of data and methodologies. To that end, TAAF and the SAH coalition formed a working group to draft standards and practices for community-based data collection. The overarching goal was collaboration built on trust, transparency, and accountability for improving anti-AAPI hate data quality.

Standardization is essential for establishing shared definitions and facilitating communication. This working draft provides the definitions for key terms related to documenting anti-AAPI hate and the language used on the SAH coalition’s reporting site.